Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents vs. Cars

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  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
  • Pedestrians' right of way is paramount
  • Taking Names and Pictures
  • The Law Favours Pedestrians
  • The Roads Belong to All

Pedestrians are among the most unfortunate victims of motor vehicle driver negligence. If you've been injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist, while jaywalking, crossing outside a crosswalk or swerving from the road-side, never assume you are at fault.

The law grants pedestrians automatic right of way on public thoroughfares, and provides preferential treatment for both cyclists and pedestrians involved in accidents with motor vehicles. The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario puts the onus on drivers to disprove their negligence in collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists. This is highly beneficial to victims.

A common accident for bicyclists it to be "doored" by drivers exiting their vehicles without first checking rearview mirrors. If this happens and you suffer injuries, do not leave the scene. Call police, record as much information as possible (driver's name, plate number, vehicle type, etc.), take cellphone photos of the vehicle, your damaged bike and your injuries, and then call us.

Under Ontario Regulations, being "doored" as a cyclist, or any other Bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle is considered a vehicular accident. Cyclists have the right to sue for damages and to apply directly to the vehicle's insurer for benefits related to loss of income and medical rehabilitation, irrespective of fault. As avid cyclists ourselves, we welcome such cases and will advocate vigorously for your right to share the road, and your right to compensation for your injuries.

We will prosecute your pedestrian or bicycle accident to the fullest extent of the law. We have won large awards for our clients in these types of cases.