Our Lawyers

We Are The Good Guys

To be properly compensated for your injury you must engage in a legal action against the at-fault party or sometimes even against your own insurance company. Although you are the plaintiff and injured victim, the defendant's lawyers will try and portray you as a fraud who is malingering for profit. We are experts at maintaining the moral highground and advocating on your behalf.  Our Lawyers know how to tell your story. We focus on the moral outrage you have suffered and we are experts at explaining the injustice of how your life has been irrevocably altered by the negligence of others.

No two law firms are alike. Some claim to use aggressive attack-dog strategies in an attempt to intimidate and win. Others cultivate public attention through showmanship and advertising. Our Lawyers focus solely on the details that win our cases. Instead of belligerence we apply science, logic, and a powerful narrative to provoke a judge and jury's sense of outrage over the injustices you have suffered. We use that outrage to get huge awards at trial.

Scientific Trial Advocacy

Our guiding principle is simple: We win cases before we ever walk into the courtroom. As lawyers solely dedicated to personal injury law, we dig more deeply, observe more lucidly, and uncover details missed by others. Our team thoroughly researches legal precedents, while collecting and organizing every scrap of evidence pertaining to your situation. We then piece together an irrefutable case to present at trial. And we win.