Our Firm

Personal Injury Litigation Is Our World

Our entire caseload is personal injury law. We know the Ontario system inside out. In every trial we aim for nothing less than the maximum award for our clients, and we do not charge any fees unless we are successful.

Traumatic Injury Expertise

We specialize in representing motor vehicle accident victims suffering from brain injury, paralysis, or other serious personal injuries sustained as the result of accidents as motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists or pedestrians.

Ontario Accident Experts

Provincial laws pertaining to traffic accidents are loaded with complexity, regardless of where fault lays. To navigate the system successfully, you need the most experienced legal representation advocating for you. Each day we put decades of experience, a depth of legal intelligence and an established track record to work for our clients.

And we win.

Contingency Fee Billing

We know that a traumatic accident can leave you and your family in a desperate situation. All too often victims of accidents are unable to work and struggle to survive financially. Legal Fees should not add to your burden. To accomodate your needs we do not charge any legal fees unless we are successful at obtaining an award in your case.